Rolling in the Ditch

“Yeah, there is a body in there!” I heard a guy yell at a few others behind him. What felt like no longer than a few minutes earlier, I was tumbling in circles in my mom’s Cadillac in the ditch of a countryside road. 

I was driving my mom’s car from my grandparent’s house to my brother’s fiance’s bachelorette party. Long story short,  I was driving straight when it felt like the car forcibly steered right. I started veering onto the shoulder and when the steering wheel wouldn’t correct itself, I panicked. I kept trying to turn back on to the road but the steering wheel wouldn’t respond.

In one last attempt before sliding into the ditch on my right, I cranked the wheel left as hard as I could. The wheel then decided to respond, sending me rolling into the opposite ditch.

I remember thinking, “Okay Morgan, one of two things could happen. I’m about to wake up in a hospital or not wake up at all. ” 

The car started tumbling in several circles, being up-side-down, glass breaking and the radio abruptly stopping. The car landed, drivers side down. My head hit the hard plastic above the window on my left and for a second I sat in shock. I was awake, breathing and didn’t appear to have any glass impaling my skin.

I tried calling my mom but I had no service. Eventually, I could hold my phone up high enough to get one bar of service and hit dial. When I finally got ahold of her I told her what happened and to come get me. After I ended the call, I heard a vehicle stop on the side of the road.

After I originally heard a guy yell there was a body in the car he started yelling at me through the closed backseat window, “are you okay? Are you alone in the car?” I answered yes. He and another guy tried to open the back seat door but the door was locked.

“Do you have the keys?” One of them yelled. I looked around at the scattered contents of belongings around me, typical purse and cup holder items were everywhere. I eventually found the keys and unlocked the doors. I sat there for a second in shock, kind of feeling like I just got off a rollercoaster ride I didn’t sign up for. The fact that the car was laying sideways left me with a weird disorientated, gravity isn’t working right now type of freeze where I just sat there, dazed.

“Do you want to get out of the car?” They said, snapping me back into reality. I climbed to the highest point I could and two guys pulled me out. They walked me out of the ditch and into a truck. They found a blanket and covered me and then they left and were standing on the road, looking at the car, back at me and talking on the phone.

The ambulance came, and the sheriff’s office and then my parents. It was kind of all a blur. I decided to not go to the hospital cause I didn’t feel any pain, I was actually just really cold.

The Car After  Being Flipped Back on its Wheels

After the incident, my parents drove home and I slept for between 12 and 16 hours. A few hours after I woke up, I drove 6 hours back to where I live. Ever since I have felt pain kind of all over and my head has hurt. I have been kind of disorientated and confused so I’m headed to the doctor this afternoon to get checked out.

Overall I know someone was looking out for me somewhere up there above the clouds. I am so thankful nothing significant happened to me and that random citizens, the ambulance, sheriff’s department and family were there to help. I also have been tremendously thankful for all the support from my friends and family since the incident.


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