How to get FREE Birthday Stuff!


My birthday is in 7 days and one thing I love to do around my birthday is getting free things! It does take a little bit of preparation and research to find out what businesses in the area offer free birthday things WITHOUT:

  1. Any sort of purchase
  2. Monthly subscription
  3. Credit card

The best way to do this is to search your favorite places in the area and see what they each offer for birthday gifts. 99% of businesses will require some sort of rewards sign up which is free but also takes time to register for each business online and you also get a lot of junk email. I usually try to sign up for emails a few weeks before my birthday and then unsubscribe to the email services a few days afterward or when I get irritated of continuous emails.

The best way to go about receiving this birthday discounts is to have a separate email that you send all your junk emails. That way if you still want to receive coupons from stores (or birthday gifts) but don’t want an email every day, you can access the email only when you chose.

This year, these are the stores I will try to visit or will hopefully receive a gift in the mail! I try to pick one day and set aside 2-3 hours to pick everything up. It is a great time collecting all these free items!

Note- all of these businesses require email registration. You can sign up on their website.

BareMinerals- free gift

Cinnabon- free treat

Local cupcake shop- free cupcake

Sephora- free gift

Sonic- free treat

Tropical smoothie- free treat (must have app)

ULTA- free gift

I might also register for a couple more in the next few days! Other helpful hints:

  1. I don’t like coffee products but check coffee businesses for free coffee!
  2. A lot of places will offer a shopping discount if you plan on shopping. Some don’t send out an email but ask in store if they offer a birthday discount. Usually, they offer 20-30% off!
  3. It is just a bit awkward going somewhere and just getting something for free, not making a purchase and then leaving. You kind of feel like a cheapskate but hey! It’s your birthday.

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