Morgan is a full-time adventure enthusiast outside her full-time job. She graduated with a degree in Health Communication in 2017 and enjoys anything related to health, fitness, and nutrition.


In her free time, Morgan enjoys:

  • Fitness activities such as rollerblading, tennis, climbing the stair master, lifting 5-pound weights like a boss, walking and any outdoor backyard game that could.
  • Playing with my puppy Arne
  • Modeling as a commercial model (Contracted through Ultimate Image and Natalie Sparrow Management).
  • The OCEAN when she has a chance to get away from the midwest.
  • Trying new health trends that are probably not proven to be safe such as the ketogenic diet, calorie counting, and intermediate fasting.
  • Arts and crafts projects that turn out like your two years old’s daycare craft project.
  • Exploring money saving and earning techniques though investing, apps, coupons, and clinical trials. 
  • Writing poems, short stories, and BLOGS!

 Don't Touch My Nuggets


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