DIY Easy and Healthy Frozen Pizza’s!

Do you love the taste of pizza but hate the after feeling of traditional frozen pizza’s? This pizza is an excellent, all natural, inexpensive and healthy version of frozen pizza’s!

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This recipe makes 6 15” by 10” family sized thin crust pizzas. You can also divide all of the ingredients in half for smaller, individual sized pizza’s (or invite 50 of your closest friends for a personalized pan pizza party!).

• 2 TSP White Sugar
• 3 Cups Warm Water
• 2 TBSP Active Dry Yeast
• 2 TBSP Olive Oil
• 1 TSP Salt
• 1 TBSP honey (optional)
• 7 Cups 100% Whole Wheat Flour
• 5 TBSP Italian Seasoning
• 2 Jars Pasta Sauce
• 4 IBS Part-Skim Mozzarella Cheese
• Toppings of your choice.
Steps to Perfection:
1. Preheat oven to 175 Degrees.
2. Dissolve sugar in warm water. Sprinkle yeast over water and wait 10 minutes for yeast to get foamy.
3. Stir olive oil, salt, honey and Italian seasoning into mixture then add all the flour. Kneed until all the flour is absorbed.
4. Roll dough ball in some olive oil, place dough ball in oven for about 45 minutes until the dough rises to twice its size.
5. Preheat oven to 425 Degrees.
6. Spread a small amount of flour on a clean counter surface. Roll out the dough to the desired size (traditional 15” by 10” cookie sheet recommended- or similar size). Try to roll out the dough as thin as possible- saves calories and makes more pizza.
7. Cook pizza dough until light brown (around 10 minutes).

To Make Multiple Frozen Pizzas for Later:
1. Spread pizza sauce, cheese, and toppings on pre-cooked (and cooled) crust. The crust should still remain on the cookie sheet pan.
2. Add cling wrap or tin foil on top to completely seal the pizza from air.
3. Add another crust and along with sauce, cheese and toppings.
4. Continue layering the pizza with cling wrap or foil. Place in freezer (make sure no air can reach the pizzas.)
5. When ready to cook, pull out the frozen pizza and cook for about 10 minutes in the oven at 425 degrees.

To Eat Immediately:
1. Spread pizza sauce, cheese, and toppings on pre-cooked crust.
2. Cook about 10 minutes or until all the cheese is melted.

Hope you enjoy this pizza! It tastes very fresh and guilt-free. As an added bonus, if you use Ibotta, you can save additional money on an already inexpensive pizza recipe!

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I Tried a 24 hour FAST

Sometimes I like to try new, unique, weird things especially if it is diet related. I plan on writing another post about the Keto diet I tried for two months and how sick it made me feel. However, this time I decided to do a 24 hour fast because I read saw it posted on hundreds of (illegitimate) websites how good it is for you. None of these websites were sponsored by any type of medical personnel what so ever!

The main supposed benefits of a 24 hour fast are:

  • improved appetite control, blood sugar control, heart function
  • reduced blood lipids like triglycerides and bad cholesterol
  • lowered blood pressure, inflammation, oxidation stress
  • increased cell repair, fat burning, growth hormone, metabolic rate
  • give your digestive system a break- much like you give your brain a break during sleep

The idea of fasting is not widely experimented in humans. I’m assuming because each body is vastly different and it is hard to differentiate something like improved blood sugar control as a result of fasting or something else.

Even though science has shown me no scientific proof, I went for it!

I was hungry within 2 hours of beginning the fast!

I didn’t think the hunger would start so soon but I’m used to eating every few hours out of habit. I pushed through and drank a whole water bottle of water.

At hour 5 of the fast, my stomach growled and I nearly caved in as I was drooling over the thought of scrambled eggs and cookie dough (not mixed together (:).

I slept from hour 6 to hour 17 of the fast. It was pretty amazing sleep.

On hour 18 of the fast I was extremely hungry and watched others eat food. I kept myself busy by getting up and walking around along with folding the laundry.

At hour 22 my stomach started grumbling again and I debated about eating again because it was so close to the end. I convinced myself to finish strong!

At hour 24, I had a wonderful smile on my face as I enjoyed some healthy ramen noodles and a side of raisins.

I am not sure about the health effects of fasting but I’m glad I did it just to try something new! Overall I have to admit that I felt a lot lighter and then after eating I felt refreshed.

I read that many people do a 24 hour fast once or twice a week and have noticed more health benefits and fat loss. I don’t think I will commit to that yet but who knows!

Update: two months have past and I have yet to try the fast again. I have been enjoying too many holiday sweets!