Rolling in the Ditch

“Yeah, there is a body in there!” I heard a guy yell at a few others behind him. What felt like no longer than a few minutes earlier, I was tumbling in circles in my mom’s Cadillac in the ditch of a countryside road. 

I was driving my mom’s car from my grandparent’s house to my brother’s fiance’s bachelorette party. Long story short,  I was driving straight when it felt like the car forcibly steered right. I started veering onto the shoulder and when the steering wheel wouldn’t correct itself, I panicked. I kept trying to turn back on to the road but the steering wheel wouldn’t respond.

In one last attempt before sliding into the ditch on my right, I cranked the wheel left as hard as I could. The wheel then decided to respond, sending me rolling into the opposite ditch.

I remember thinking, “Okay Morgan, one of two things could happen. I’m about to wake up in a hospital or not wake up at all. ” 

The car started tumbling in several circles, being up-side-down, glass breaking and the radio abruptly stopping. The car landed, drivers side down. My head hit the hard plastic above the window on my left and for a second I sat in shock. I was awake, breathing and didn’t appear to have any glass impaling my skin.

I tried calling my mom but I had no service. Eventually, I could hold my phone up high enough to get one bar of service and hit dial. When I finally got ahold of her I told her what happened and to come get me. After I ended the call, I heard a vehicle stop on the side of the road.

After I originally heard a guy yell there was a body in the car he started yelling at me through the closed backseat window, “are you okay? Are you alone in the car?” I answered yes. He and another guy tried to open the back seat door but the door was locked.

“Do you have the keys?” One of them yelled. I looked around at the scattered contents of belongings around me, typical purse and cup holder items were everywhere. I eventually found the keys and unlocked the doors. I sat there for a second in shock, kind of feeling like I just got off a rollercoaster ride I didn’t sign up for. The fact that the car was laying sideways left me with a weird disorientated, gravity isn’t working right now type of freeze where I just sat there, dazed.

“Do you want to get out of the car?” They said, snapping me back into reality. I climbed to the highest point I could and two guys pulled me out. They walked me out of the ditch and into a truck. They found a blanket and covered me and then they left and were standing on the road, looking at the car, back at me and talking on the phone.

The ambulance came, and the sheriff’s office and then my parents. It was kind of all a blur. I decided to not go to the hospital cause I didn’t feel any pain, I was actually just really cold.

The Car After  Being Flipped Back on its Wheels

After the incident, my parents drove home and I slept for between 12 and 16 hours. A few hours after I woke up, I drove 6 hours back to where I live. Ever since I have felt pain kind of all over and my head has hurt. I have been kind of disorientated and confused so I’m headed to the doctor this afternoon to get checked out.

Overall I know someone was looking out for me somewhere up there above the clouds. I am so thankful nothing significant happened to me and that random citizens, the ambulance, sheriff’s department and family were there to help. I also have been tremendously thankful for all the support from my friends and family since the incident.


UPDATE: Modeling Casting Call!!!

As a recap, in my first post titled Modeling Casting Call!!!, I got an invite to a casting call with Ultimate Image. I was super nervous, afraid and bit self conscious!

I attended the casting call prepared for the unknown and thankfully it actually went super smooth and was easy!

I arrived and sat in a room with a stage and in 1 of 10 or so chairs arranged in a semi-circle.  I nervously waited with others until every chair was full with people in the same position as me.

The owner of the agency, Ultimate Image, introduced herself as Natalie Sparrow. Some of the models that were currently in her company that were also there. Natalie also talked about the history of the company and its successes including models who have traveled abroad and have stared on TV sitcoms. Natalie and the company models were all really friendly which I feel like helped put us at ease.

One topic I really remember Natalie discussing was models and weight loss.  I remember worrying about it so much and even discussing it in my previous post. Everyone thinks they need to be super thin and on crazy diets and it really doesn’t matter. Personality actually counts for so much in the industry.

SIDE NOTE: there are many different types of modeling and some do require models to be thin and tall such as fashion and runway models (AKA the stereotypical model). Commercial models do NOT require this and these models can be any size and height. There are also some random categories of modeling such as fitness modeling, swimsuit modeling, plus size modeling and petite modeling.

Another really cool form of modeling is promotional modeling which is someone who does live events like trade shoes, product promotions and conventions. This type of modeling is the modeling I have most experience with from doing live hair shows.




After the introductions at the casting call, we each had a separate interview with the Natalie and one of her assistants. I was a bit nervous about what the interview would entail. I was fully expecting for them to test my knowledge of the industry and have me pose as if I was doing a photo shoot or walk like I was going down the runway as I had in another modeling interview, but thankfully I didn’t have to do any of those things!

I entered the room and sat in a chair on the other side of the wooden desk and smiled. Natalie and her assistant began the interview and I told them a little bit about myself, career and personal interests. The owner then said she really liked my application and thinks I would do really well as a commercial model.

I was incredibly surprised how quick she said that. Natalie also invited me to a convention coming up in June for upcoming models and talent in Chicago. The convention is called Launch and is an event for modeling and talent agencies around the US (and some international agencies) to meet models like myself!


I actually grew up only 6 hours away from Chicago but have never been there so I plan on going early to explore since the convention will be 3 days full of activities. I’m hoping I connect well with an agency representative so they will book me.  If I get booked there is a possibility I could be in a TV commercial, a print ad or even a TV show sitcom.

 I don’t actually know the real possibility of landing a gig with another agency or how far-fetched it is to wish so I’m trying to not keep my hopes up to high. I guess it depends how well the Launch convention goes!

Update on the update:  I had my first test shoot. It was really cold but went well! I was nervous about doing proper poses but learned in the shoot to not do proper poses- just let loose and be fun! 

Check out my profile on the Ultimate Image Website!!!


I Started Intermediate Fasting

One of the top health and fitness trends currently is intermediate fasting.  Basically it involves eating at only certain hours of the day.


There are different intermediate fasting plans such as the one I’m trying called the 16/8 method. I will fast for 16 hours of the day and eat during the other 8 hours.

Here is a sample schedule of this program:

Hours Fasting or Eating
00:00-04:00  (12am- 4am) Fasting
04:01-08:00  (4:01am-8am) Fasting
08:01-12:00 (8:01am-12pm) Fasting
12:01-16:00 (12:01pm-4pm) Eating
16:01-20:00 (4:01pm-8pm) Eating
20:01-23:59 (8:01pm-11:59pm) Fasting

The fasting has tons of unscientifically backed benefits such as hormone stabilization, cell repair, FAT LOSS. Fasting supposedly can also help with reducing risk of diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s.


I have done fasting for a couple days now and the hardest part is not eating when you are hungry during a fasting period. You are still allowed to consume all zero calorie beverages so when you feel hungry it helps to drink

A Typical Fasting Period
A Typical Fasting Period

 more liquids. I heard one you get used to the diet you don’t feel hungry during the fasting period. You also supposedly feel like your food gets digested better and that you have more energy.

My biggest fear with the diet is that by the time my eating period begins, I will be so hungry from fasting that I will eat an excess of calories and it will defeat the benefits of burning fat. An important thing to remember is that just because you are fasting does not mean you will lose weight; you still have to consume fewer calories.


What I do really enjoy about intermediate fasting is that you don’t have to cook multiple times a day. I usually only cook once and I cook all my meals for the 8 hour eating period at one time or meal prep ahead of time. I really dislike cooking so I love the ability to not cook often!

Modeling Casting Call!!!

Tonight I am driving a little over an hour to attend a private, invitation only

Modeling in a hair show for Aquage Hair Products

casting call to a modeling agency. I have modeling for a little over three years mainly focusing on hair shows which are shows which top hair companies use models to show their new and latest products to hair dressers. I have also done some modeling for photographers for them to add to their portfolio when looking for clients.

I have booked my own gigs the last three years but have been having trouble lately due to companies hiring right from modeling companies. Since I love modeling as a hobby, I decided to apply for an upcoming casting at a (somewhat) nearby agency. The agency is called Ultimate Image and I have heard really good things about the lady who runs it. I have worked with girls in her agency at several events and they have always been friendly and pleasant.

I was jumping for joy when I got the email from Ultimate Image inviting me to a private casting. I do think I will get in but I also have some fears.


  1. I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS worry that my body might not look good enough. I am obviously not a runway model. I’m not 5’8’’ and 100 pounds and I don’t think a crop top would look amazing on me. It’s hard for me to even talk about because it’s personal but I also know that nearly every other female has the exact same issues. So it shouldn’t really matter right? You wouldn’t think but I still battle everyday with telling myself I am great just the way I am. 
  2. I have modeling experience but only certain kinds. I am used to the modeling shows with a live audience and photography. I still think I would be awkward in front of a camera and start sweating as much water as an ocean. Especially if it were a well-known company I was trying to impress.
  3. What if I get denied? I mean at least I can say I tried but all I can do is be myself but what if myself isn’t desirable?!
  4. I have been to a modeling casting before and it was really hard and I had no idea what I was doing! I still got an offer to join the company but I decided not to for several reasons. I am worried this company will be pickier about the casting than my previous casting and I’m not sure what they are looking for or what they will have me do.

I will post pictures on the next post along with updates about the casting!

The Gold Star Resume

Applying for jobs is one of the most daunting tasks you can get yourself into. It’s even worse when you spend hours and hours applying and reapplying for positions and never hearing ANYTHING BACK!

After taking a college course about professional career development and having several years of practice, I have successfully established a fantastic resume template that lands me my choice of job!

However, there are a few considerations when applying for a job that you should take into account:

  1. It is okay to dream high but DON’T apply for a job you don’t qualify for.
    • If the job posting has something that is required or necessary to do the job and you don’t have it, don’t apply.
    • 1
      I don’t have a Doctor or Optometry or any sort of licence so I wouldn’t waste my time applying. This seems like an obvious tip but is OFTEN overlooked.
  2. Apply for a job that you are confident you can do successfully.
    • You should be excited for the opportunity and already have ideas of how you will succeed in your position. If you have no experience doing the exact job but you have relevant experience, be confident you can successfully do the job you are applying for. If you don’t believe in yourself, why will the hiring manager?
    • Example: You would like to be a receptionist at a local hospital but only have experience as a waitress. You probably already have fantastic customer service so you should be thinking about how successful you will be in the position due to your experience working with people and problem solving.
  3. Don’t take a job for the pay.
    • They pay might sound attractive but when your job duties require you to scrub toilets with your own toothbrush and you are not okay with that, don’t apply.

Here is an ideal resume template that I have created and used to win over hiring managers.


Secret Resume Tip 1: Look at the job posting itself and rephrase the listed qualifications under the skills section. Here is an example of a real job posting.


The skills you might include on your resume would be similar to:

  • Experience effectively handling multiple tasks at once
  • Motived to succeed individually and in a team setting
  • Demonstrates high moral and ethical standards

NOTE: If the job posting lists a skill you don’t think you have, DON’T LIE and put it on your resume to please the hiring manager. Also, don’t make it obvious you are copying the job posting when rephrasing the qualifications.

Secret Resume Tip 2: Look at the job posting again to fill out the experience section. Referring back to the example of the real job posting, if you had previous experience as a waitress, you should pick out daily tasks that you have experience with that is also listed on the job posting!


                The list of daily job tasks you might include are; effectively communicating with clients, organizing and planning out a timed schedule to complete tasks, collecting payments, completing administrative tasks such as communicating with customers over the phone, planning and organizing events, handling multiple tasks at one time.

Secret Resume Tip 3: Use a thesaurus! You can go to and enhance any word. For example instead of saying you are a good communicator, you can find a replacement for the word good and say that you are an exceptional communicator, an efficient communicator or even a talented communicator.

How I Save Money Part II: Investing

The word investing is scary on its own. There are so many complications on what to do and where to begin and overall what is it going to cost in the long run. I know people who invest through a brokerage where they give their money and some guy in suit chooses the best stocks based on what he thinks will make the most money. This is great for people who have a lot of money to invest but if you don’t have a lot of money or are just starting out like myself, you don’t have a ton of money to tie up into investments.


I still wanted the chance to start investing in the stock market without the obligation of tying up my money and paying ALL the associated fees of a broker but I wasn’t really sure how. I thought about self-investing and managing my own portfolio on websites I’ve never heard of but it still seemed too risky.

Then one day, either through an ad or YouTube video, I found an app called Acorns. I looked into it for a long time and read all of the reviews on the app store (it has almost 5/5 stars)!

I downloaded it and then got really disappointed when I found out I had to link my bank account to the app. I NEVER give out my banking information EVER. I was questioning whether it was a scam but read more reviews and watched more videos and I decided to jump out on a limb.

College Investing (or lack of)

I invested $20 at first and $5 here and there for the first year (I was in college at the time). The app lets you choose a plan of how risky of stocks you would like to invest in and I started out at more of a conservative plan. I made around $10 to $20 overall in profit.2

I went through a period of time where I didn’t use the app and just let the money sit there and got to the point where I desperately needed money so I cashed out my account and it ended up being over $400 which wasn’t bad! It came in handy as an emergency fund.

I Graduated College!

I graduated college last month but have been working full time for about 5 months now so I have been putting decent amounts of money into the app (compared to what I was investing in college). I also changed my investing plan to aggressive which is riskier but has the possibility of a greater return.

I am ELATED whenever I check the app because I keep earning more and more money. I don’t typically share financial information but I have about $1000 invested and made over $30 in just one month!3

I plan on continuing to use the app and invest money every month. They have an option to auto-invest and have them take the money directly out of my account but I don’t really like that idea.  I really only invest when I have an extra amount of money in my account that would either just sit there or I would use for something I don’t really need.

How to use Acorns

*DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with the company nor do I get paid for endorsements of any kind (unless you use my referral code (Z7FA55)- which I would greatly appreciate and you get cash too!)*4

This is just a quick and basic outline of Acorns, there is a lot more to it that you should look into if you are interested.

  1. Download Acorns app on your mobile device and link your bank account. Use my referral code to get a free bonus check (Z7FA55) and help a sistah out 🙂
  2. Decide what kind of investing you would like to do.
    • Automatic investing- takes money directly out of your account on a specified date
    • Round ups- rounds up your debit/credit card purchases to the nearest dollar and invests the change used to round up to the nearest dollar on that purchase.
    • Found money- when online shopping through certain vendors THROUGH the Acorns app, a percentage of your purchase will be invested into your account
    • Referrals- by referring others to use the app they get a bonus amount and so do you if they use your referral code. Hint Hint: USE MINE: Z7FA55
  3. Decide how aggressive of a portfolio you would like to choose
    • The more aggressive stocks have the possibility of a higher return but also have the possibility of a higher loss.
    • There is a range of plans from conservative to aggressive that you can choose which is explained way better on the app than I could ever explain it.
  4. You can invest and cash out at any time! If I have extra money or am short money one month, I can use acorns as a backup!
  5. There is, unfortunately, a fee associated with using Acorns BUT IT IS ONLY $1 per month (for accounts less than $5,000)! You don’t even notice it gone with all the money you make. If you were to invest through a broker you would be paying way higher fees for service!


Update: Today I checked my Acorns account and I made almost $10 in one day!!! 

“1D” = 1 Day


How I Save Money Part I: Coupons

We all have those moments where we check our bank account balance, check it again and then yet again while small beads of sweat form on our foreheads. You knew you spent a few dollars extra buying snacks at the gas station or some sort of specialized coffee at a coffee shop for a discounted price of $7.25, but you have several HUNDRED less than you thought you did. You hastily check each transaction listed on your statement, and maybe even use a calculator to add up everything- you know- just in case the bank made an error.

When the bank ends up being right, again, you realize you need to start being more conscious of what you are spending because after all, the little things really do add up!

During my broke years of college I realized I didn’t forever want to be scrounging around on the floors of fine establishments for loose change so I found a few ways that I still use today that have really helped save money every month! This first part is about coupons and I will discuss my other money saving secrets in articles to come!


One of the major ways I save money is through the use of coupons. I am not going to lie, it takes a lot of time and effort for not much return at first, but once you gain experience you can save a lot of money!

Stereotypical Coupon Clipping

There are three ways to find coupons (later I will tell you how to use them):

  1. The Newspaper: typically the weekend newspaper will have coupon inserts. I don’t have a newspaper subscription and I don’t really want to pay for a newspaper subscription just to get coupons since the subscription would typically exceed the cost of the money I save using the coupons.

However, if you already have the newspaper start keeping the coupon inserts! The inserts are usually called Smart Source or Red Plum.

  1. Printable Coupons: There are several websites that offer free printable coupons.

IMPORTANT: Almost every company website offers coupons on their website that are sometimes not offered on the main coupon websites. If you are looking to save money on a specific item such as laundry detergent, you can google search “Tide laundry coupons” or whatever brand you are looking for. If you go directly to the Tide website, they have coupons you can’t print for free.

*You can do this for many products such as household cleaners, toilet paper, feminine products, Chap Stick or even cold medicine!*

  1. Mobile Coupons: my favorite method of saving is using mobile coupons or apps to save money. The benefit of mobile coupons are that you don’t have to waste ink or paper printing and you don’t need to cut out coupons and carry them with you to the store. The drawback is that the money comes in the form of a rebate which means you don’t save when you check out at the register but you get your money back later in the week.                                                                                   There are several coupon apps I use every time I shop!
  • Ibottaprobably the most popular coupon app due to the bonuses you can receive. There is usually a weekly coupon for $0.25 any purchase! There are over 250 stores Ibotta has coupons for and also offers cash back on online shopping purchases (you MUST shop though the app to get the cash back on online purchases).
    • If would like to try Ibotta, you can use my referral code nqkjihv and get a bonus $10 on your first trip! (The $10 bonus expires in a couple days after typing in the code so plan on typing in the code the same day you plan on shopping!) 
    • You also get bonuses based on who is on your team. If you link to Facebook and you have Facebook friends that also use Ibotta, you can get special bonuses for the total amount of money people have saved.
  • Checkout 51another great app that is unique in the sense that each week you can submit your grocery receipt for a chance to win $500. You don’t need to use any coupons on their app to register! I have only one $1 from the contest but I am hoping for more!
    • The app offers coupons on a lot of fresh produce that changes weekly
    • You can also sometimes buy multiples of the same item and save money on each item (just read the details on the coupon you are trying to use)
  • similar to the website, also offers an app. The great thing about it is that the money you earn back goes directly to your PayPal account.
    • Many of the coupons offered on the app are also offered on the website to print but sometimes a coupon is only offered on the app or only the website
  • Saving Star- A newer coupon app that I just started using more due to there being more coupons posted each time I check!
    • A great thing about saving star is that some of their coupons are the same coupons offered on the other apps; you can save more than once on the same item and potentially get items for FREE!
  • Cartwheel- this app is only for Target and runs a bit different than the other ones. You can actually scan any item in the store and it will tell you if there are items like it for a cheaper price and what items are on sale or have coupons available! I don’t use cartwheel often because I live in a crappy small city in North Dakota that doesn’t even have a Target. It is a fantastic app though!
    • You can also save on other items like clothing and shoe purchases
    • When you find a coupon you want to use, you can save it to your account and when you get to the register, the cashier will scan your phone and all the coupons will magically work! (No rebate required)!
    • Some items that you can get coupons for on cartwheel are also on the other apps meaning more savings!2

 How to use coupons:

  1. Printable and newspaper coupons can be used right away at the register for instant savings
  2. The coupon apps are a little different. After you download the apps and create an account, you can view all the coupon offers. After you are finished shopping, you take a picture of your receipt and send it in to the app for verification. For most apps, once you hit $20 you can cash out your savings in a form of a gift card. Some apps also allow PayPal cash outs.

You NEVER have to link your bank account to any of these apps which is amazing!!!

  1. The way to save the most money is by finding multiple coupons for the same product but read the rules on the coupons to ensure it is allowed and will also give you less grief at checkout!
  2. A great resource for using coupons is because they do all the leg work in finding the cheapest deals!